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you will also get a mass of helpful tips, hardware recommendations and important, well explained basic concepts. Unfortunately, if you would try to read it like a real book, you will be flooded with boredom, that each technical guide delivers. Capture One Pro 9: Mastering Raw Development, Image Processing, and Asset Management. Causes malfunction Capture One hangs when deleting color picks from a layer using color editor Flipping an image Horizontal or vertical does not flip its adjustment layer and mask File Permissions not working on the shared folder Incorrect counts in the Generating Previews activity Toggling. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Phase One Capture One Pro. Thats 99shopping gutschein why I was so happy to receive a review copy of the new book.

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Thats why I highly recommend that book to almost every Capture One user. Color Editor: The Basic Tab. The problem was that until recently I had nothing to recommend or suggest. Its really important to learn not only about the tools but to find out how to implement them in your workflow. Sure, we have an official Capture One quick start guide from Phase One, which quite nicely describes all the tools. 35 discount for only Print Book or eBook and Print Bundle. This is one of the most common questions asked by my readers. Capture One is just a tool for a photographer, like a camera or a lens, and. It works equally well for a full version of Capture One Pro 10 or an upgrade. Besides, it doesnt show the overall picture, how Capture One works.